This is a guideline for independent booking at our venue.

Booking A Show

Check our schedule for availability or

Hit us up with band bill & requested dates via email


Band Requirements

  • Contact info for bands
  • 4-6 Posters mailed to or posted in the bar
  • Promotion via hanging posters
  • Creating FB event page and sending us the link

Night of Show

  • Typical Load-in is 9pm, with music over at 1am.
  • Sound & Door Guy covered by bar, no guest lists.
  • 2 drink tickets per band member (performers only) as long as we get posters 2wks in advance
  • Bands get 100% of the door provided nothing is damaged or missing.
  • Bar provides a PA, Stage, Equipment storage during show. We are not responsible for lost or damaged anything.
  • Typically we do not do contracts.

Promoters welcome! Subject to change to accommodate the MUSIC!